Down the Rabbit Hole

Knowing that goodbyes
are inevitable doesn’t
make them easier

Love without limits

Naviarhaiku 037


Heya! Welcome to the thirty-seventh experiment of Naviar Haiku. Participants are to create a track inspired by this haiku poem and post it on Naviar’s Soundcloud group Naviar Laboratory ( . 

Deadline: Wednesday 24th September

Haiku poem by   Down the Rabbit Hole (
Picture by    Brooke Hoyer (

I was honored to have my haiku be a part of this and I love the photo they chose to accompany it.

My words sing of love
To complete the melodies
You create in me

Union Square

Tango dancers show
passion for each other and
the art of the dance

Brooding over hurt
feelings does nothing to help
heal the deepest pain

Take my hand and I
will lead you to places that
you’ve only dreamed of

The word is cleavage NOT boob crack

I often express
my poetry in food because
it’s easier to swallow

I daydream in blue
but the rest of the world seems
to daydream in red

Collab with landofrunawayangels